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Hemp & Liquid Anti Aging CreamHemp & Liquid Anti Aging Cream

Hemp and Liquid Store – Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Retinol (500mg)


Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Retinol

The best part of your daily skincare routine is about to come – with our hemp-based anti-aging moisturiser cream, you’ll get plumper, softer skin protected from aging for years to come. Our unique formula offers a retinol-derived active ingredient, which encourages cell turnover on the top layer of skin and leaves it looking fresher and softer. Meanwhile, the antioxidants in the hemp extract combats the free-radicals which cause aging, targeting wrinkles and lack of firmness. The result is a younger, fresher looking face that looks and feels more beautiful to wear.


Hemp & Liquid Tattoo After Care CreamHemp & Liquid Tattoo After Care Cream

Hemp and Liquid Store – CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream


CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream.

Anyone who’s had any number of tattoos will tell you they require high-quality care after application. Our daily tattoo aftercare cream is specially formulated to reduce itching and promote hydration and healing, for beautiful tattoos to last you a lifetime.


Hemp & Liquid Day CreamHemp & Liquid Day Cream Open

Hemp and Liquid Store – Hydrating Day CBD Cream (500ml)


Hydrating Day CBD Cream with Jojoba Oil

Every good skincare routine needs a moisturising cream, and this is the last one you’ll ever need. It’s unique formula uses jojoba and olive squalene to restore the natural lipids on the surface of your skin, protecting it from drying out or the other stresses of the day.

It is suitable for all skin types, including people with seborrheic dermatitis, eczematous dermatitis, and acne.

Overall, this day cream packs a powerful punch, whilst being gentle and soothing on your skin.


Hemp and Liquid Store - Night CBD Cream (500mg)Hemp and Liquid Store - Night CBD Cream (500mg)

Hemp and Liquid Store – Night CBD Cream (500mg)


Regenerating CBD Cream for Night

The most important time of the day for our body’s recovery is night, when we’re asleep – whilst we’re unconscious, our body gets to work on healing and repairing the damage it sustained for the day. Why not help it out by using a rejuvenating night cream on your face? Our night cream is specially formulated with avocado and evening primrose oil, which helps to restore the natural lipids that protect your face from dirt and dust, and also helps to moisturise dry skin. Meanwhile, the powerful antioxidants in the hemp infusion helps to gently combat free radicals, which contributes to the aging of the skin. Plus, the CBD in the hemp has a gently soothing effect on the body and mind, helping to combat anxiety and help you to rest easily.


Hemp & Liquid Under Eye CreamHemp & Liquid Under Eye Cream

Hemp and Liquid Store – Pure Under Eye CBD Cream (20mg)


Pure CBD Under-Eye CBD Cream

Pure CBD under-eye cream is specially formulated to hydrate and freshen the skin under your eyes, making them less puffy and your eyes look brighter. It contains pure hemp extract, which contains antioxidants which combat the signs of aging including puffiness and dryness. It also lightens the skin under your eyes, making you look younger and more alert.